Sunday, January 13, 2013

Playing with apps

Active learning, learning by doing, just-in-time, DIY...  These catchphrases fit the amped up digital world where global kids, aka millennials know more about new creative media than their teachers. Hey, kids have more free time on their hands, don't work for a living, pay mortgages, or maintain households, and mom and dad are footing the bills for all those the digital toys.

So how do busy adults and teachers catch up?  

In a word, PLAY. (act like kids)  Below are some images from apps I've played with on my iPhone.  These apps meet my criteria for utilization: ever present, easy to learn and use, free, fast, and gratifying. The captions underneath the images link to sites that describe features of these apps.


PS Express





I'll be posting and commenting about my mobile snaps and apps to a Flickr set, Tweeting my favorites with a couple hashtags (#iphoneography #apps), and sharing some of them on my other micro-blogging sites Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.

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